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Feb 17, 2023

Sara Rogers is a Vancouver, BC based wedding photographer documenting human connection and in-between moments. Today we connected about all things weddings, photography, becoming a mother, what 2023 holds for Sara and more. 

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00:00 Intro - Sara's Early Lessons Before Photography

02:54 What 2023 Holds For Sara

05:47 Adding Value As A Wedding Photographer

09:48 Sara's 20 Year Old Roll Of 35mm Film

12:47 The Strategy Of Integrating Film Into Your Work

14:56 Starting A Wedding Photography Studio With Other Photographers

19:20 The Benefits Of A Studio

21:07 Time Management For Photographers

24:40 Changing Your Prices & Raising Prices

28:39 Experiences With Charging Higher Rates For Weddings 30:33 Confidence & Developing Trust With Clients

31:58 Marketing To Clients

37:45 AI For Wedding Photographers For Editing & Culling

46:06 AI vs Editing Services

48:31 AI Chat Bots & ChatGPT

50:21 Answering Client Queries With AI

52:05 Quick Fire Questions With Sara | 

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