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Apr 18, 2023

In this episode, I sit down with Birth, Documentary, Lifestyle Photographer & Filmmaker Ashley Marston.

Ashley shares with us her journey through her career, starting with motherhood as her inspiration for photography.

We dive into her impressive 365 project, discussing gear and how she uses her images as a love letter to her family. Ashley also shares how she transforms personal work into client work and how to build on your skills as an artist.

We explore the importance of gaining intimacy with clients as a documentary family photographer, and Ashley shares tips on how to start and maintain a 365 project.

Ashley delves into the power of self-portraits, building self-awareness, and celebrating yourself as a mother and woman. Ashley continues to push the boundaries creatively, finding beauty everywhere, even in the mundane and by pushing through challenges like shooting her family underwater!

We talk gear and tips for shooting underwater, including underwater housing for iPhones. We have questions from the audience where Ashley shares the impact of social media on her family and how even boredom can lead to creativity.

Lastly, Ashley gives us a sneak peek into what 2023 holds for her and her online 365 course.

Don't miss this inspiring conversation with one of the most talented documentary family photographers out there!

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