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Nov 4, 2019

One of our two keynote speakers at the upcoming ARC Techniques is Benj Haisch, a wedding photographer, father, and teacher. Since shooting his first wedding in 2007 Benj has traveled the world shooting weddings and even spent some time as the Seattle Seahawks official photographer. 

Benj is all about being intentional with your photographs, eliminating the conflict and ensuring that the message coming out of a moment is communicated in the work that you are doing. Benj’s keynote presentation, Painting The Photo You Meant To Take, and his workshop, is all about imparting tips and tricks to help you brand yourself as a wedding photographer while taking great photos.

From weddings in Kenya to elopements in Istanbul, Benj loves diving into other cultures and subcultures through the camera and is passionate about sharing his knowledge on what he has learned along the way. 

How do you work to be more intentional with your photography? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on the episode page


In This Episode

  • The importance of being as intentional as possible when shooting
  • Examining how elopements have changed in concept and execution 
  • A look into balancing family, travel, education and photography
  • How to know and communicate your own personal brand
  • Practical tips for composing photos and keeping the focus on your subjects



“I definitely have a passion for people and teaching and trying to help people through their processes.” (9:00)

“I think a really cool part of this job is being able to just kind of jump into either a new culture or someone else’s subculture.” (11:20)

“In our work and in our photography, how can I make the moments that are happening and how can I be as prepared as possible and as intentional as possible to communicate whatever I am trying to get out of that photograph or whatever that photograph is speaking?” (21:38)

“My clients and I sort of started this entire genre, what we sort of dubbed adventure elopements. And ever since then I’ve been doing a ton of them.” (27:00)

“I am just trying to impart as much of my knowledge and experience as I can.” (32:29)



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