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Mar 28, 2023

Join as together we sit down with Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer & Entrepreneur, Hugh Whitaker.

In this episode, we sit down with Hugh, who shares his insights on shooting personal work, bringing intention to your composition, and using light and movement to create unique images on a wedding day.

With a passion for surfing in Costa Rica and a love for personal projects, Hugh offers valuable tips and advice to help you sharpen your creativity and tools as a photographer. Don't miss this episode full of practical advice and inspiration!

Highlights include:-

  • Documenting weddings and portraits in an emotional, candid, and documentary style
  • Hugh's passion for surfing in Costa Rica and how it inspires his photography 
  • Larry Fink's book as a great resource for personal work and projects 
  • Advocating for slowing down and shooting with manual focus lenses to bring intention to your composition 
  • - Approach to practicing, sharpening creativity and tools as a photographer
  • Using light and movement to create unique images on a wedding day 
  • Highlighting the importance of paying attention and staying in the moment 
  • The value of community when moving locations and the importance of a strategic pricing and portfolio
  • Using blogging and SEO to book weddings 
  • Hugh's favourite books, software, and movie

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