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May 31, 2023

The Essential Inner Work For All Creative Entrepreneurs

Get ready to unlock the inner work that fuels the creative entrepreneur within you! 

In this interview, Lauren Kyle of Boop Digital shares her invaluable insights on essential practices that can transform your creative journey.

Lauren is a passionate digital marketer based in Vancouver who works with startups, entrepreneurs and creatives to create digital experiences that help launch and grow businesses. She has served over 14 international markets, built over 100 websites, managed over $150,000 in advertising budgets and is engaged in the Vancouver business community as a digital marketing educator and mentor.

When she isn’t growing startups, she loves to spend her time outdoors hiking and snowboarding, and indoors playing strategic board games and Dungeons and Dragons. She is self-proclaimed feminist nerd both professionally and socially.

What you're learn in this inteview:-

- Lauren's method to reset and ground yourself in the present moment
- What currently lights up Lauren and fuels her passion
- Lauren's daily routine and how she cultivates creativity in the morning
- The powerful relationship between creativity and organization - How consistent practices and habits can help you achieve a state of flow
- Breaking free from the "Hustle and Burn Out" pattern that plagues many entrepreneurs
- The mindset and inner work necessary to overcome challenges, especially during the early years of building a business.
- The truth about entrepreneurship—a journey of problem-solving and embracing it as a lifestyle
- How problem-solving itself is a form of creativity
- Dedicating time to creative play and the snowball effect it has on your entrepreneurial endeavours
- How Lauren navigates overwhelm and develops a planning system for the year
- Lauren's top three tips for daily planning, helping you stay focused and productive.

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