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Apr 26, 2023

If you're looking to gain insight from a veteran wedding photographer? Look no further than Elisabeth Breckenridge, who has been documenting wedding since 2003.

In this episode, Elisabeth takes us on a journey through her photography career, starting with her first experiences capturing both her brother's weddings on black and white film. She then shares how she made the switch to digital photography in 2006, and the trends and changes she's observed in the industry since. Elisabeth also delves into her personal definition of an epiphany, and how one of her first epiphanies happened at a wedding reception involving Cheetos.

If you're interested in learning how to recognize and implement epiphanies in your own work, Elisabeth provides valuable insights on how to do just that. She also shares how her calm and quiet personality has impacted her photography style and work, and the power of embracing imperfection.

Throughout the conversation, Elisabeth emphasizes the importance of intention in photography, and how to cultivate an atmosphere for epiphanies to occur. She also shares her most important lesson learned as a wedding photographer over the years.

Finally, Elisabeth also reveals her "GIF epiphany," and how she's using GIFs to bridge the gap between photo and video. She shares some of her favorite GIFs and personal work, and we end with our quickfire questions. Don't miss out on the wisdom and experience of this talented wedding photographer. 

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